Syabas AF7! - Posted via iPhone (Poyo lah ni!)

Ahahahani entry yang sangat poyo... posted via iPhone (ni yang poyo ni...) - btw this is not am AF blog - so this will be the only posting on this tv programme.

I used to be a fan of Akademi Fantasia (and tak sangka plak I'll be writing about AF in here) and gave up on the contestants, the programme sejak after Mawi won... the AF after that cuma ada one or two really good and outstanding ones and come AF6 - it all cam crumbling down - I decided not to even bother watching. Sampailah hari ni bila 'ter' tengok AF7 and knowing that Acis is now the music director - terus terpegun. All I could say is Syabas AF for the vast improvement - good music especially (teringat concert-concert Sheila yang sentiasa gempak dengan bunyi musik berkualiti dari Acis and team) and the contestants too are so much better this time. Sesuai dengan konsep 'transformasi' yang dicanng-canagkan - it's about time if Astro didn't want to hilang audience.

This is what a singing contest should be - contestants mesti dah pandai nyanyi bukannya budak-budak baru nak belajar macam season lepas-lepas. I enjoyed their show walaupun ada la sorang dua yang sumbang but considering the programme baru bermula, I should say the students this time dah ada personality, gaya dan showmanship tersendiri. The cameraman this time pun different, in summary, I am hooked and will watch this show every week. Yang pasal perangai-perangai contestants kat diari AF or whatever they call it now - it lantaklah, I just want good entertainment - even the judges comments this time pun I think better compared to some old lady's babbling some time ago, if you know what I mean.

Syabas AF!

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