Restoran Getaran Jiwa, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Ha... sambung lagi pasal our trip to KK... hehehe sorry lah ek lompat-lompat entries dalam blog ni dah, kejap pasal KK kejap pasal itu kejap pasal ini and back to KK - ahahah macam ada orang baca pun kan blog ni...

On our last day in KK before pi airport, my best buddies Zurry and Mahid brought us to this restaurant dekat depan Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Sebenarnya masing-masing dah tak tau nak makan apa for lunch and everyone was hungry after Zurry drove us around KK showing this and that, nak pergi ke 1 Borneo dah tak sempat sebab flight kul 4 lebih and we had to back at the hotel for our scheduled airport transfer.

According to Zurry, this restaurant baru je bukak and he had tried this place a couple of days ago... hentam aja la Zurry, janji makan. Taste wise... hmmm boleh la, so-so nothing extravagant and special except for the gerai Goreng Pisang and Popia just outside the restaurant - makan cicah dengan sos cili padi Sabah.... sedap woooooo...

Popia (very nice), Sos Cili Padi Sabah (superb!) n Pisang Goreng

I had the Sweet and Sour Chicken (which according to my own taste buds, was not bad at all) with white rice and telur dadar.

Sweet Sour Chicken

Zurry had the Ayam Masak Merah with Nasi Goreng.

Ayam Masak Merah

While Mahid had Nasi Ayam (just to note - the ayam was eerie looking and tasted as eerie as well according to my dear Mahid) with some curry tofu dish.
Nasi Ayam

While my love KN, apa lagi kalau bukan Tom Yam campur, Nasi Putih and Telur Dadar... hehehe

Tom Yam Campur

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