Here Comes... iPhone 3G!

After eying Mahid's iPhone several times and dok beranganing owning one for myself hehehe I finally got to own this awesome gadget - thanks to my beloved, who else, KN lah! Yup it was a gift - no particular occasion just a token a love I guess... thank you hon!

So ever since I got this magnificent piece of technology ahahaha asyik-asyik install itu ini on the phone - that's my kinda thing. I love the games! Download-able games - even the free ones are superb. Kal El memang tak berapa gemar main game but with this iPhone i've become a game freak pulak - especially love the bowling and tapping game...seronok I tell you!

Since this is my first non-Nokia communications gadget I do find it troublesome to get use to the navigation - memang Nokia lah paling senang and user friendly I think. There are some features on Nokia which are not available on iPhone yang kadangkala pisses me off. Tapi apa pun I enjoy this iPhone very much! Nokia tu... bawak la jugak ke hulu ke hilir guna untuk snap-snap pics hehehe - I still love the 5MP camera with flash on my N95!

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CATZ said... gadget...yey!
mesti suka gila kan..

Syahr-El said...

Sukaaaaaa sangattttttt!

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