Nabalu Town and Kundasang Town, Sabah

Due to my being on wheelchair for this trip we didn’t go to many places. We visited the essentials and only to those places KN wanted to go as a first timer – so what else, we went shopping for souvenirs lah! Nabalu Town, unlike 6 years ago when I was last there, there were only a row of souvenir stalls. Now there is a complex selling all sorts of souvenirs from Sabah but I think they were a little bit pricey (As a matter of fact we had the same price offered to us for a Mount Kinabalu Tee at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu the next day – lucky we didn’t but any t-shirts on our visit to Nabalu town. Instead we bought tokens for office mates.

Like many other places in Malaysia, the Nabalu town souvenir complex was not Handicap friendly. The tour driver had to carry me over 3 flight of stairs in order for me to spend money there.To note people there were very friendly, the shopkeepers and locals alike were always smiling and welcoming us.

Kundasang town too had changed from the last time I was there – the stalls selling fruits were now on the opposite side of the road and the roads were better and wider. We bought a fruit named buah Tarap; a jack fruit and mangoesteen like fruit. I kinda like the sweet taste and smell of the fruit.

Inilah dia buah Tarap - Macam dyrian pun ada

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