Steven's Corner Banana Leaf Restaurant, Pandan Indah Bersama Sapit

I went to this restaurant last year (yup this is a back dated post) with my brother Sapit before my heamodialysis session at Hospital Ampang. Ahahah sebelum cuci darah mesti makan busat dulu!

I've been eying this place for a very long time - each time lalu pergi hospital, tiap kali la Kal El berangan makan sini. KN and I have been here once tapi tak kesampaian makan nasi daun pisangnya sebab it is only served between noon to 3pm daily. We came a little later than 3pm and tak dapat la makan masa tu. InsyaAllah satu hari nanti Kal El ajak KN makan sini.

Kalau nak compare Steven's Banana Leaf Rice dengan Kanna Curry House di PJ or di Kepong, I think Steven's serve a more authenthic and tastier banana leaf rice.

We both ordered warm barley. The rice came with four instead of the usual three types of vegetables at other places, two types of sambal whichi I do not know what they're called, rasem and tairu (given without being asked) and the other usual condiments like the dried chilli and pappadom.

That is Sapit (pic above) waiting for his rice. Sapit ordered fried chicken to go with his banana leaf rice and I as usual ordered the Masala Chicken.

It was indeed a complete Nasi Daun Pisang set and I could tell Sapit enjoyed it very much because dia tambah nasi dua kali. Of course the best way to have this type of meal is by indulging with lots of curries on your rice - that was what exactly I did. Try la this place... sedap woo!

Rasem and Tairu

Oh yeah, Steven's Banana Leaf Restaurant is at Pandan Indah - take the junction to Hospital Ampang in Pandan Mewah, it's on the left side of the road - you'll never miss it.

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CATZ said...

kal el..
saya sellalu berangan nak makan nasi daun pisang yg sgt best dan meletop..
ehm...nampaknya dah ada idea nak makan di mana..hehheh..tapi entah bila lah..
have a nice weekend!

Syahr-El said...

You should try kat Steven's ni... it's better than Kanna but Kanna pun not bad...

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