Kota Kinabalu Day 1 - February 13, 2009

Dalam keadaan kaki sebelah Kal El dan KN teruskan juga percutian ke Kota Kinabalu yang telah dirancang sejak bulan Oktober tahun lalu. This trip, a 6th anniversary gift from me to KN was really a memorable one. We spent a night at Kundasang and a night in Kota Kinabalu City. Namun, percutian kali ini memang amat memenatkan buat KN dan Kal El kerana banyak melibatkan fizikal, ahahah bukannya kami pi panjat gunung tapi keadaan Kal El yang berkaki sebelah ini, terpaksalah kami bekerja keras; for me to move and for KN to help me move.

We left Bukit Antarabangsa 30 minutes past 4am. As usual my brother Sapit was the one who sent us to the airport. He was nearly an hour late and we arrived LCCT just with enough time to check in, arrange for assistance to get me up on the plane and board the Airbus. We have indeed made arrangement for assistance more than a month ago in anticipation of the trip and I’ve reconfirmed with Air Asia’s Booking Centre a couple of days prior to the flight and was told that everything will be in place on the 13th. Unfortunately nothing was done and fresh arrangements had to be made before our flight – ahahaha because of that, no ambulift was available for me and the airport staff had to carry me onto the plane – kesian la 73kgs tu! (Cheh sempat lagi brag about my weight tu… hehehe).

We were fortunate that Air Asia ground staff and the stewardess were helpful. We arrived at Terminal 2 of KK International Airport at approximately 9:30am, greeted by KK Tours driver who would be taking us to Kinabalu Pine Resort in Kundasang from the Airport. We paid RM450 for the return transport from KK Airport to Kundasang and to KK City the next day and back to the airport the next day. We had a quick stop at Nabalu town to shop for souvenirs and made our way to the hotel. All in all a two and half hours journey on the hilly roads.

Kinabalu Pine Resort was a beautiful place but definitely not for the handicapped. They had beautiful Swiss styled chalets but unfortunately there were staircases to each of the chalet. If they had ground level units, KN had to push me up and down very steep slopes every time we wanted to go out. The day was spent with a Chinese meal lunch at the hotel’s restaurant and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the great Mountain View. Lucky for us the day was bright and clear.

There were nothing much to do at night, partly because my handicap , but to enjoy each other’s company – moreover it was a Valentine’s trip, how more could we have spent time other than being close to each other. We slept early as KN planned to shoot photos of the Mountainous sunrise – a first for my darling.

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Kembara Musafir said...

6th anniversary one huh...???!! huaaaa... so romantic oneeee...!! hehe... semoga utk selama2nyaaa...!! amin..! :)

Syahr-El said...


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