Terowongan Casablanca (Kuntilanak Merah)

Another Indonesian Horror DVD purchased during our trip to Indonesia recentlly. I have been wanting to watch this movie for a very long time but because I couldn't find a DVD copy here in KL, so I decided to look for it in Indonesia. After going into many DVD outlets in Jogja, finally found a DVD copy in Solo on the last day of our trip.

After the success of Rumah Pondok Indah and Hantu Jeruk Purut, Indika Entertainment released another Horror Movie titled ‘Terowongan Casablanca’. Terowongan Casablanca is an underpass in South Jakarta well known for its many reported accidents taking place there. An urban legend is believed that this area is haunted by a spirit of a high school student who died in the 1970s because of a failed abortion. The story is based on this legend.

Much effort was made into making the Kuntilanak (vampire) looks real and the storyline is also nicely put. However, as I was earlier expecting the plot to be much focused on the underpass with eerie accidents and ghostly appearances of the kuntilanak in the Casablanca underpass (like shown in the movie poster) but unfortunately this is not the case. The storyline is a typical revengeful ghost seeking an opportunity to kill all those who had caused her death. The story ended up somewhat confusing as suddenly her mom (also turned into a Kuntilanak) decided to take her own life and take care of the unborn baby with her dead daughter, supposedly the Red Kuntilanak.

Another thing that confuses me is the Kuntilanank only wears red towards the end of the movie when she was always been wearing white (like most depicted Kuntilanaks). Furthermore she didn't die wearing red, so where the hell did she get the red dress lah?

I believe the movie could be written better if more time and effort are put into it. But again, the most important thing is the valuable time spent with my love, KN.

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