Lagenda Sundel Bolong & Sundel Bolong 2

We came back from Jogja with a recent collection of Indonesian Horror Movies. Two of them are Lagenda Sundel Bolong and Sundel Bolong 2. (The two DVDs are not parts 1 and 2 but of different actors and quality all together) The better one is of course the Lagenda Sundel Bolong. The last two nights were spent watching these two movies.

Lagenda Sundel Bolong was set in the olden Java days. The plot was good and we enjoyed the movie very much. Sundel Bolong is an Indonesian urban legend. Sundel means **a bitch/ a prostitute** and bolong means ** a hole** - in this case a ghost with a hole on her back - when alive the lady is pregnant with an out of wed child. In Lagenda Sundel Bolong, the ghost was Imah, an ex-ronggeng dancer (a cabaret dancer lah tu) who was raped by the town's bad guys (yes, not one but many guys) when her husband Sarpa was away at work in Sumatra. Imah was then brutally murdered and eventually turns into a Sundel Bolong. She seeks revenge on those who had cause her pain. A little like Nang Nak towards the end when the husband came back and she waited at her house but he later finds out the truth.

Sundel Bolong 2 on the other hand is set on the modern 2007 Indonesia. Not a sequel to the Lagenda Sundel Bolong, this B rated horror movie starts a repectable actress, Ayu Azahari (the new Suzanna), known for her effective acting in horror films. However, the movie is such a disappointment with the Sundel Bolong looking more like a Kuntilanak (a vampire) and a rather uninteresting, colloquial plot for a horror movie. There is a scene similar to the 1980s Sundel Bolong where the ghost, Erika, a model who is pregnant with a young actor's child and brutally murdered by him, drinking beer and the drink later comes out from the hole on her back.

The original satay scene of the 1980s Sundel Bolong played by the legendary Suzanna remains my all time favourite - pure originality and yucky as well. On the right is the old Sundel Bolong movie poster. Here it is. Enjoy.

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