Finally @ Bora Ombak

After reading many posts of Bora Ombak on Dr. Shah's and Beruang Madu's blog, I have several times wanted to come here. Seeing photos of the place tempted by appetite to at least try the place once. Yes, I know I shouldn't be eating much but what the heck, before I die, I'd like to try everything possible (of course minus those haram things - so pa, if you're finally reading this, don't worry, I haven't tried and haven't the slightest intention to try 'those' - never)

We made reservation for two and arrived slightly after 8pm. The place was deserted, a few couples were seated enjoying (i think) their romantic conversation and maybe, delicious food. The place reminds me of Nailli's in Sentul, dark, but it created an ambiance that I'm sure would be somehow horrific if white lightings were used (or worse if seen during the day). However as stated on the menu, Bora Ombak's 'Reminiscence of Bali' surely did bring us back to our vacation in early 2007.

There were not much to brag about the food selection - I don't know maybe because it was dark and I wasn't comfortably sitting on the floor of the wooden hut, I thought that there were not much to select from. The menu is a mixture of local, Indonesian and Thai - itwas quite disappointing as these food could be found elsewhere in KL.

The BBQ Chicken Wings for starters

We finally ordered BBQ Chicken Wings (to replace the top hat that was unavailable) as starters. I had the 'popular' Oriental Chicken Chop and KN had the 'ever popular' Seafood Tom Yam. For drinks it was the Rainbow ABC for me (which turned out half melt when sent to our table, therefore no rainbows duh...) and some ice blended mocha drink for KN.

The OK tasting Oriental Chicken Chop with brown sauce and mashed sweet potatoes

My already melted Rainbow ABC... (shown as it arrived @ our table) see I told you, NO rainbow pun...

The Oriental Chicken Chop was served with brown sauce, salad and mashed sweet potatoes (not really to my liking). It tasted OK but not as good as the one served at Cozy Corner (Ampang Park & Great Eastern Mall). Comparing the two would definitely be of two different standards although the price was about the same.

The NOT so OK tasting Seafood Tom Yam with the NOT so fresh tiger prawns

KN swore the 'ever popular' Seafood Tom Yam as claimed by Bora Ombak was the worse tasting tom yam ever as the tiger prawns were not fresh.

Well, being adventurous as I am (food only ah), I would come back to try the other selections from their limited menu but knowing KN, I know I had to somehow forget the idea of coming back. Unless I wanna dine alone. So ta ta!.

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