Chili's Country Fried Steak Discontinued

Yucks! Hate it! That was my first impression when knowing that my favourite country fried steak has been discontinued. When I asked the waiter why - he doesn't know. But I think Chili's has gone through some changes recently (with the new menu and slow service).

Our favourite classic nachos... yummy just love the jalapeƱos!

Yes, slow service. Many times previously when we dined there, the waiter/waitresses was soon at our table taking orders after we're seated. We often had to ask him or her to come back in 5 minutes time (rather annoyed usually) but this time, we had to call the waiter after waiting for more than 5 minutes looking for an available waiter. The queue for a table at KLCC Chili's too were not as many as previous times.

The lamb dish - can't recall its fancy name but it's lamb, believe me heheheh.

Dip it with mint sauce... heavennnnn! The garlic toast is not bad too.

So, feeling disappointed (they still have the country friend chicken though but I wan not in the mood for that) so I ordered a Lamb dish (ahahah extremely good for my hypertension, NOT!), and KN the country fried chicken (and so I was glad I didn't order it because it didn't taste as good as the discontinued country fried steak) and our all time favourite classic nachos, of course, a glass of diet (konon lah) coke for me and ice lemon tea as usual for KN.

KN's country fried chicken - i just love the creamy sauce... but on beef, not chicken!
Love the mashed potatoes.

The lamb was OK especially dipped with mint sauce, but now I know not to order it well done - medium rare should be it hehehe and now I am salivating at the office. Damn!

Thanks to KN for the post-valentine;s treat. Yummy! eh... Muahs!

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