Sheila Majid in Concert

We have missed a concert that we've been really waiting for, for many years. Even though it was a sit down, over dinner concert it was still Sheila Majid and no way we should've missed it.

Unfortunately we were not around. As the plan to Jogja was made wayyyyy back in November last year, we had no choice but to forgo Sheila's charity concert at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 1st and 2nd of February 2008.

Well, just hope Sheila would organize a little more informal concert at one of the indoor stadiums in KL soon - miss those times when I was a lot younger, dancing to her music and enjoying her songs really much. I wonder if I could still spend most of the concert dancing, especially in my situation now? Perhaps and I'm sure I can - who wouldn't be tempted to dance at Sheila Majid's concert lah?

Sheila, please haaaa a concert, a real concert soon OK?

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