Diabetic Neuropaties & Water Retention Problem

My greatest problem now is water retention (Edema). from my readings this may due to a couple of factors; kidney or heart.

It all started more than a year ago when my feet started to swell after sitting for long, especially at the office. My work requires me to sit a great deal of time and wearing socks makes it worse. Being diabetic, I know socks is an essential pair of garments that would in the end save my life.

The swelling wasn't that bad at first - what was worse was the numbness on my feet, especially the sole. Again from my readings it's caused by diabetic neuropathy. A diabetic will eventually experience this usually 20 years after being diagnosed or maybe longer if one takes good care of himself. Since I have really done the total opposite here, experiencing neuropathy 15 years after being diagnosed can be considered premature and extraordinary.

Neuropathy is generally the damage to the nerves, usually attacking the feet, hands and certain parts of the body of a diabetic, over time will attack organs in the body as well. In my case, apart from the feet and hands (usually around the finger), I experience prickly pain on my chest and the back of my body. Now even, my legs are weakened causing me great pain when i have to climb uphill or the atairs. Sometimes I feel like I am already 80 when the fact is that I'm not even 32.

Sometimes I just can't feel my legs, risking injury - when I drive, I can't wear slippers any longer, it has to be a pair of shoes or a strap on sandal - pernah sekali aku drive pakai selipar, tertanggal dan I couldn't feel the pedal. A swollen feet when coming back from work is not a rare sight at all. Now, that would have caused by water retention problem. Only one possibility and explanation - my kidneys couldn't eliminate water well. Sometimes I even feel bloated at the tummy - macam baru lepas melantak bergelas-gelas air - and this leads to breathing difficulties.
There are so many things I can't do well now because of these two problems. My muscles are weaked because of the nerve damages therefore I can't walk much or climb stairs without experiencing pain. Water retention problem causes breathlessness - I would have difficulty sleeping, buat kerja-kerja berat and so on.

Sometimes I just feel embarrassed with my own self. Sometimes I just feel like giving up but there's something that is pushing me to go on with my life. I'll tell you about this later.

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