Death Knocks? - Part 4

Yup.. i want to finish summing up 15 years of my life so that i can start sharing my current situation. So now you guys know that I haven't been taking my medications well for God knows how long. Sampai la tahun 2004 when I started feeling numb kat my feet and hands. In 2004 alone I was hospitalised twice because of this darn diabetes.

My body was so used to being hyperglycemic (high glucose reading of more than 20 mmol) sampaikan when my glucose reading came down to the teens pun i can experience hypoglycemia (low glucose reading). Click here to learn more about Hyperglycemia. Click here to learn more about Hypoglycemia.

My body was so accustomed to having high sugar sampai I did not experience any of the symptoms like feeling nausea and vomitting, headaches, blurred vision and so on. Apa yang aku rasa was I was getting thinner walaupun I was eating my usual amount of meals. (well, for someone who has been trying to tone his body down, this may seem a bless - but of course, I was a fool to believe that)

One thing I did not tell - I was 120kg when I was first diagnosed with this thing but after less than 6 years i was 35kgs lighter (a good sign for people who doesn't know I was diabetic and truly a bad sign to myself) - otherwise I was happy to see myself shrink although deep inside i knew it was because of uncontrolled diabetes.

Now I am more or less between 75 - 80kgs, forever fluctuating because of water retention problem - apa lagi if not suspect of kidney failure or mungkin heart failure jugak... jeng jeng jeng...

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