Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Therapy

I have been wanting to try out the Far Infrared sauna therapy at Zazen Health Solutions for a very long - got to know this place from Health Today magazine, but have been postponing my visit due to time (ah! lame excuse) and the distance - Well, Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara isn't that far - only that I wasn't adventurous enough to go find the place - if it wasn't for Amir (thanks very much Amir) who brought me there, I would have gone to Sunway in PJ instead of in Kota Damansara.

FIR is a NASA technology that helps burn calories, detoxify as well as relaxes the body - FIR is especially good for diabetic like me, who over time accumulates toxin in the body because the kidney just doesn't function very well.

FIR is similar to conventional sauna - it makes you sweat, but from experience using conventional sauna, five days a week, for over a year and a half, i could say that the FIR sauna makes you sweat even more - without the presence of steam and the convenience of a CD player as well as lighting for you to do a little reading in there.

Basically Zazen (free promotion lah ni - in return for your 3 free trials, thank you) provides 3 free trials (only at their Kota Damansara office) and offers a 40 days package (yes you can go there every day except Sundays) for RM420. Or, if you have that extra cash you can purchase the sauna system (easy installation, no plumbing required) for less than 10K (yes, gasp!) - well nothing is free but I'm sure there are alternatives (check SaunaHolm's website) for those who can't afford to fork out 10K - sorry Zazen, got to be fair to the public - and especially if you're sick, you are already readily burdened with heavy financial commitments so asking these people to fork out a ridiculous amount of money is simply day light robbery, especially when there are alternatives - but again, thanks for the free trial.

What is beneficial is the FIR technology - to those who are sick and can't afford to do heavy exercises, or simply those who are lazy to go outdoors, try this therapy. You can read more aout FIR here. And here. According to Zazen staff, i will need to come everyday in order to benefit from the therapy, well, I guess this may be true as when i was using the conventional sauna, pair up with 5 days of gym and 3 days of squash, I was really feeling very healthy- that was 6 years ago when my workplace had the luxury of a gymnasium, a squah court and a sauna for their staff.

I will go again to Zazen this weekend to claim my second trial, even though I may not immediately benefit the use of FIR, i just love the sweat - it has surely been awhile! Go try!

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