Siam Reap Cambodia, Here We Come!

OK, enough with the sulking on losing a limb. Soon I'll be walking again and our lives would have to go on as usual. We'll be going to Kota Kinabalu for 3 days and 2 nights - yes I'll be on my sporty wheelchair for Valentines and we'll be off to Makassar (Ujung Padang in Sulawesi) in April for KN's birthday. In October/November this year it will be to Medan with KN's Mak and Ayah and January next year we're off to Siem Reap to start off the year. All these thanks to Air Asia free seats promotion and once I get my OKU (handicapped) person's card from the Welfare Departments I'll be enjoying more perks like 50% off MAS domestic tickets. Woohoo!

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