GoodBye Leggy!

Warning: This entry is very graphical in nature, not for the weak at heart - Kal El is showing these photos hoping that those who read this blog would learn a lesson on the consequences of diabetes. So do take care of your health.

The sequence of events:

04 December 2008 - This blister has been there for a month. I've been doing home dressing twice a day.

13 December 2008 - the blister had turned bad and foul smelling. The last toe had turned gangrenous.

15 December 2008 - The last toe and the blister affected part were removed.

25 December 2008 - A couple of days after the fourt and third toe were removed. Half of my foot were gone too. The second toe started to blackened.

29 December 2008 - Moments before the Below Knee Amputation - the previous week's wound was not healing well. The foot has died, the bone turned black and there was no way to save it. I had to say goodbye to it.

01 January 2009 - The amputated leg on New Years Day - an unforgettable new year...

06 January 2009 - The wound started to heal. Alhamdulillah.

11 January 2009 - The open wound trimmed and stitched after the doctors were sure it was clean and healed.

17 January 2009 - At the clinic for daily dressing. Healing beautifully.

04 February 2009 - Stitches off. Healed but skin a little dry - now I've just have to wait for the stump to mature in order to use a prosthetic leg.

06 February 2009 - 1 month and 38 kg lesser later - at the prosthetic leg maker. I'll be walking again in about 3 weeks time. Yeay! Urghhh forking out 7.5k for the plastic leg but it's going to be worth it.

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Encik Anif said...

Subhanallah.. Semoga ko tabah menghadapi dugaan yang amat berat ini..

Syahr-El said...

Thank you Anif, sorry aku tak bagitau kawan-kawan as it was not a happy news. InsyaAllah aku tabah... kene terimalah pemberian tuhan kerana akan ada hikmahnya .nanti. Sekarang ni aku hidup dalam keadaan serba baru - cara hidup maksud aku tapi jangan terkejut akan masih ada entry makan - banyak yang aku hutang tak publish...dan aku akan masih travel jalan-jalan keliling dunia selagipoket termampu. Doakan lah aku agar semua berjalan lancar

CATZ said...

kal el..

i'm waiting ur entry makan-makan and jalan-jalan..
glad to hear that u still can have makan-makan session..and travel round the globe...cheers..

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