Hey That's My Leg! So Long Farewell....

Warning: This entry is very graphical in nature, not for the weak at heart - Kal El is showing these photos hoping that those who read this blog would learn a lesson on the consequences of diabetes. So do take care of your health.

I thank well wishers. As strong as I am deep inside it hurts but I was left with no choice either this or it'll get worse. Alhamdulillah God still has mercy on me, insyaAllah I'll be on my feet again soon - I'll brag about it when the bionic leg is ready in two weeks time, just on time for me to start work at the new place. InsyaAllah.

The amputated leg was sent to the forensic department or mortuary to be exact - ahahah forensic macam bunyi CSI sket kan? My brother Sapit claimed it on the morning of 2nd January 2009 - about days after amputation - look at the yellow packaging, it reminds me of daging lembu sold on Hari Raya Qurban... the next time you buy meat like this, do be reminded of my amputated leg hehehe.

The forensics department had wrapped my dear leg like a Christmas present and according to Sapit there were many layers of 'gift wrappers' wrapping my leg and it was frozen stiff. As a Muslim, the amputated part of the body needed to be cleaned and later on sent to the grave. Just to note the toes that were earlier removed were given the same treatment.

Another layer and another layer and another. I didn't see all these of course as I was at the hospital. Seeing the leg made me feel awkward, that leg looks familiar and it was once attached to me - it was like losing a part of you (literally) and what's funnier, my leg has its own Permit Menggali Kubur given with my name on it. So next time when I die it would be the second permit issued under my name - huh I could die twice!

This was how what's left of my foot looked like. Scary huh? *(Below) - Look at the blackened toe, each and every finger turned black except the large toe but they all had to go, sadly.

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