One Foot in the Grave

Have you heard the English proverb ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE meaning someone is dying - my case, one of my foot is really in the grave! Alhamdulillah sebelah kaki ku telah selamat dikebumikan disisi tempat bersemadinya Allahyarhamah ibuku di Tanah Perkuburan Klang Gates Baru Kuala Lumpur pada hari Jumaat 2 Januari 2009.

The amputated leg was treated like any dead body would, with honour and respect only sermons were not read and thank god the slot beside my late mother's grave was available - it was a wish came true. No wonder when I was very sick in Nov due to the renal failure I had often being reminded of my mother's grave. I thought I was going to die and burried beside her, indeed it came true - but of me died and had to be returned to Allah the Almighty. Thank you dear God for lending me this limb.


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Kembara Musafir said...

hey Kalel... have not read your blog for quite awhile (sibuk laa...) and discovered ystdy of all the unfortunate stuffs which have fallen upon you... really sorry to hear about all those stuffs... I am sure you will be able to overcome whatever challenges that God has given to you... stay positive, the glass is half full (you get privilege access to all facilities now... hehehe... Air Asia oso got rite?), and I am sure that God has reserved all sorts of wonderful stuffs for you (either you have been enjoying them, or you will enjoy them in the very near future...!!)

Syahr-El said...

InsyaAllah life will be good after this. I have never been more positive in life before, now that I know so many people actually care and love me. Gods willing, I'll be on my feet again, earliest next week. I haven't enjoy the handicapped privileges sebab tak register lagi but insyaAllah soon! Heheh Air Asia tak ada privileges for he handicapped tapi kalau nak rasa kene angkat dengan tangan 20 feet above ground level boleh la...

Kembara Musafir said...

that's the spirit...!! :)

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