Bali Day 7 - 23 Jan 07

Since our flight is later at night, after checking out of the Sanur hotel, we were allowed to hang around the place and use their facilities. So i took the chance to swim at the beach and finally get a tan - and use their swimming pool. There are three pools at this hotel. We went to the airport and spent the time there until time for boarding. Ahahah we had ample time to do last minute shopping at the airport. When we arrived at the airport we witnessed our first accident in Bali - right in front of our eyes - A BMW and a 4WD. So until it was time to board the plane we spent our last Rupiah shopping ahahahah. We arrived AT LCCT KLIA around midnite - there my brother wasalready waiting to take us home. Well, we had a great time in Bali and plan to visit again. We'll miss you Bali!

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