Bali Day 3 - 19 Jan 07

Woke up at 8:30am as we were very excited to explore Kuta and do more shopping! had breakfast at Wina and it was raining. Later when the rain stopped took a shortcut behind Wina to get to Legian. It was quite scarry walking in the backlanes with people trying to lure you into buying their stuff - sometimes there are guys on motorbikes trying to take you to their shops and believe me you need to be very firm with them, and if you are not interested, do not maintain eye contact and just say you don't want it and walk away. We did not buy much around legian as most of the stores are selling basically the same things.

Took a cab to Kuta square to matahari departmental store and shopped for souvenir - well, things are a little more expensive here but you can surely shop with a peace of mind. Later we had root beer at the Matahari A&W and later continued shopping at Jungle Surf Boutique. Took a cab back to Wina and had a late lunch (Nasi Padang) at a stall along the short cut to legain behind Wina. very cheap - only Rp30K for 2 After the late lunch we walked to Kuta beach and walked along Poppies lane 2 and again had to go through people trying to sell you things. Poppies is indeed an interesting and happening place to live in if you're on a tight budget and dont mind an unair-condirtioned room - a nice tourist flocked place. We were quite disappointed with the waves at Kuta - rather small to what we expected. We sat and waited for the sunset - not bad and later on discovered Hard Rock Hotel Megastore (we did not see this place yesterday) and ended up shopping like nobody's business. We took a cab back to Wina for Rp20K - expensive as the driver did not use the meter. Spent the rest of the night resting at the hotel - had steak sandwich for dinner and Amir had Ayam kecap... not bad.

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