Bali Day 6 - 22 Jan 07

Woke up very early and waited for the ride to Tulambem. Met Minnie from Crystal Divers on board a van on a two hour ride to Tulambem (north east of Bali). Ahahah what else, apart from enjoying the scenery along the way, we slept at any possible intervals (when there's nothing much to see) This will be a snorkeling trip - much anticipated as we told the ship wreck is beautiful - only if we could go on the diving trip but we had not the license nor we had the budget take the lessons - perhaps next time. At Tulemben we were at Matahari Resort - there we had breakfast together with about 8 other divers (also from Malaysia) and Minnie's staff. We went on two snorkeling trips - believe me the corals and fishes are extremely beautiful and breath taking - just imagine if we had gone diving instead. On the first trip we were nearly swept away by strong currents near the ship wreck but lucky for us our guide was a very experienced one. On the second trip I was exhausted and had to be towed (ahahahah so embarrassing) but we really enjoyed the trip and swore that we'd learn diving the next time we're in Bali. Returned to Sanur in time for dinner - snapped some photos with Crystal Divers' Staff and was sent back to the hotel. Had dinner at the hotel and dozed off to sleep after that - exhausted!

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