Bali Day 2 - 18 Jan 07

Awaken by our driver Pak made at 8am. We had thought Bali time was like Jakarta, which was an hour late compared to Malaysian time but we were wrong. Lucky Pak Made called us early so we had time to shower and have a quick breakfast. We met Pak Made at the lobby - Pak made will take us around in his Daihatsu Xenja (seems like everybody is driving this car here) for Rp350K per day. Pak Made is a middle aged man and speaks English rather well. being from Malaysia we did not have much trouble communicating in Bahasa Indonesia with him. We were taken to Art gallery and wood carving factory in Ubud, Cahaya Market to shop and saw the barong dance for Rp500 per person. Later went to Kintamani to see Mt Agung and had a buffet lunch there for Rp169 for 2 pax. Very cheap! in the evening we went shopping again at a place where everything is at 50% discount. The place had a very nice Bali style architecture. Lastly we visited the monkey forest in Ubud. Later Pak Made sent us to Kartika Plaza and there we bought some DVD. Had A&W for dinner then took a cab to Wina. We witnessed beautiful bali scenery along the way on our road trip around Bali today. For supper at Wina we had nasi goreng istimewa served with satay - very delicious and claimed our welcome drinks. Slept early as tomorrow will be a long Kuta excursion day for the both of us. Yeay!

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