Day 6 - Phuket - 31 Jan 06

After the flight delay in Bangkok we finally arrived in Phuket at 7:30pm - sun was down and nothing much to see. The journey fom the airport to our all men hotel in patong complex takes about 45 minutes.

We were greeted by friednly Aquariuos hotel (highly recommended - they're nice, clean and very civilised people). Since we're Asians, I especially look like a local - there were some gazes from tourists and locals alike.

Upon arrival, we checked into out James Deam suite and immediately went out to look for dinner. Of course, we went just accros patong main road to the famous seafood place.

I bought corn on the cob - a gigantic one. And foresee eating it for the next 3 nights and i knew i'm going to miss it after leaving Phuket. At the seafood outlet I tried BBQ cockles, tom yum kung, kerabu mango and som tham - all very delicious and fiery!

Went to the patong complex before returning to the hotel - this coming weekend would be the Gay Parade therefore there are many baby dolls around.

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