Day 8 - Phuket - 2 Feb 06

Started early - waited for the pick up and he was late - some German toursits were missing in action. Luckily we managed to arrive on time and saw that the jetty was very crowded.

Had a picturesque journey to Phi Phi Island on top of the deck of the boat. Took many pictures although got really wet but it was worth it. Spent an hour in the waters snorkeling. Had to pay some fees for the snorkel gear. The waters were deep and the snorkel was not that great compared to some places i've been to but still the experience was wonderful.

Headed back to Phuket Island in the evening and headed straight to the beach for some more water experince. In the late evening, walked along Patong Road and we had dinner at the same seafood restaurant we went to on the fist night in Phuket.

Tomorrow will be a sad day as we're leaving Phuket for home... :-(

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