Day 7 - Phuket - 1 Feb 06

Went to the beach first thing in the morning. Took us about 10 minutes walk to reach the beach. Saw traces of mother nature running amok in the Tsunami incident in 2004 - some resorts we just built, some still in states of damage. There were warning signages erected pointing to the safe direction if and when Tsunami hits again.

Took the tuk-tuk to Phuket town - bought some clothes and visited the gem showroom as well as the bird's nest restaurant before returning to Patong for another beach visit. Had subway sandwhich for lunch.

At night we had dinner at the same place as last's but a restaurant next door. We ate the very same things we had the night before. Decided to go snorkle the next morning so we purchased a snorkle tour from a Muslim vendor on Patong Road. Stroll along Patong Road as there were stalls all night long - however did not shop much in Phuket as we've gotten most of the stuf we need in Bangkok.

Sat at one of the bars before returning to the hotel. Early day tomorrow!

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