Day 5 - Bangkok - 30 Jan 06

Woke up early to visit the art center in Silom. Shops were still closed when we arived so took some interesting photos of the wood crafts at the center. Walked to the place from our Silom Hotel.

Today we will be transferring to a one night stay at Ambassador Hotel. The plan is to cover the Suckhumvit area. After checking in Ambassador we took a cab to cruise Chao Phraya river and was hoping to see a floating market in action. The river cruise was dull and only two market vendors were seen. But the experience cruising along the longest river and seeing many Wats along the way was just breathtaking.

At night we went to the market for more shopping. Took a taxi home and the taxi got lost - the driver did not know where Ambasador Hotel. Afraid being lost farther, we asked to be stoppped somewhere i could recognize a way back to the hotel.

We had to walk for half and hour back to the hotel and on the way found a stall selling edible insects - spiders, cricket and a lot more other exotic 'food' of the locals! Yummm!

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