Day 3 - Bangkok - 28 Jan 06

Woke up early to see the Thailand sunrise. Still on board the train. Had breakfast on the buffet coach while enjoying siamese operatic songs and the beautiful morning scenery along the way.

Arrived Bangkok Hua Lampong's Station at noon. Met a very friendly local, a fellow Muslim who snapped our first picture in Thailand. Took the BTS to Silom where we will stay for 2 nights at Tower Inn Hotel. A good bargain, but rather old hotel. Huge room with fridge, TV, phone, hot shower, L-shaped sofa and tea making facilities.

Visited Chatuchak (only open on weekends) via BTS to meet a couple of Malaysian friends there. Had a couple of the best young coconut i've ever had in my entire life there. At 6pm the market went to a standstill. Felt funny at first because the world actually stopped. Nobody moved. Only later did i realize that everyday at 6pm, the Thailand national anthem is publicly aired and the Thai's really respect their national song.

At night visited Patpong and shop somemore! Had McDonald for dinner - one funny incident was when i ordered apple pie.They do not have that in Bangkok, so i ordered Pineapple Pie - the girl at the counter said they do not serve Pineapple pie but they only have Pine Apple pie... damn! I nearly had a fight with the McD girl

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