Day 2 - Butterworth - Bangkok - 27 Jan 06

Arrived Butterworth at 5:45am. Decided to rent a room at a local budget hotel before boarding a train to Bangkok at 2:45pm. Had breakfast oppsite the Butterworth Railway Station. Called a cab to take us to the nearest budget hotel. the cabbie promised to pick us up at noon to the railway station.

Found a room for day use at RM60. Decent with TV and air conditioning plus water heater. Slept until noon, packed and headed to a nearby nasi kandar restaurant for lunch.

The cabbie didn't turn up and when called he was stuck in a traffic jam near the airport. We decided to take a public bus to the railway station for RM0.60 per person.

Arrived at the station about 1:30pm and the train to Bangkok was delayed. The rail journey started at 3:30pm on board an economy berth. Quite reasonably priced, decent, considerably clean although the interior was quite old-fashioned.

Stopped at the Padang Besar station for immigration check and to have our passports stamped. Entering Thailand is visa-free for Malaysians as both are members of Asean.

At night about 9pm, the railway staff will convert the seating cabin to a berth. There was also a buffet train on board serving dinner, breakfast and lunch. Food could be ordered and sent to the coach.

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