Day 3 - Brunei - KL 20 May 2005

Leaving for KL today. After breakfast headed for the airport via the hotel shutle. The driver was a Malaysian, from Miri, Sarawak. Seems there are many Malaysian working in Brunei, especially those from Sarawak.

I've had had no chance to explore Brunei when I was here but the visit was short and pleasant. What was special was the people, the culture, which i thought was similar but somewhat different to those practiced in Malaysia. One obvious thing is Bruneians are very soft spoken and gentle. Even the language, even though the same one spoken in Malaysia, has a slight difference in it - 'anda' in Malaysia means 'you' but in Brunei means 'Us'.

Took a direct Brunei Airlines to KLIA. I love Brunei Airlines because they make ir a practice to recite the prayers before departure - something different from other airlines in the world.

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