Day 2 - Cherating - 2 May 2005

Ahahah so both of us bangun lambat and we missed the sunrise. By the time we woke up the sun has risen far too late. We decided on this second day in Cherating to drive to Kemaman and started looking for keropok souvenirs - bought some RM100 bucks worth of keropok for giveaways and drove around Kemaman town after that.

The chalet was ok, cheap and comfortable. Spent time at the beach again in the evening and at night we went to look for a stall with astro; to have dinner as well as watch Man United's game that night.

I guess this vacation to Cherating is meant for us to have a good, pleasant rest and that was what we did. The air was cool, didn't rain that heavily, just drizzles and we spent alot of time at the village by the beach.

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