Delifrance @ Alpha Angle Wanga Maju

Suatu hari sewaktu kami berjalan-jalan di Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju kami singgah di Delifrance untuk menikmati makan tengahari. We ordered the lunch set menu which comprised of a bowl of soup of the day and a small piece of garlic bread (to my liking) and the main dish.

Bowl of Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread

The soup that day was Mushroom soup and the garlic bread was superb but it was indeed too small - size is everything you know!

Creole Chicken Baked Rice

KN had the Creole chicken Baked Rice. I know I wouldn't like this dish as it is cheese filled and rice? Eurrrgh can't imagine the taste of cheese with rice, just not the right combination for this Malaysian Superman.

Beef Lasagna

While I ordered the beef lasagna - Superbly prepared! This is more my type of food - yummy!

I kinda like the new array of menu Delifrance has. I've tried their Old Style Chicken Pie and it was delicious! They have burgers and beef ribs now. I'd like to one day try their other menus. Check their website for a list of new stuff there!

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