I was contacted and invited by a rival company about a month ago to work with them. And yes, with the current working conditions and the unnecessary workload I am burdened with, I agreed to submit my application. They've called me again to express their interest and the possibility of issuing the letter when I come back from Umrah end of this month. I have also sat for the required test - for formality sake, according to them and would have to attend an informal interview when I come back end of August.

InsyaAllah they told me that the probability of me getting the salary I asked for may be high and if ever they need to negotiate it will still be near to what I applied for - they should give me what I want since they were the one who approached. If I were to work there, Alhamdulillah I'll be working with KN again in the same organisation - thus saving us petrol and toll money, yeay!

Whatever it is, we'll see when I come back from Umrah - I have to serve three months notice - here, mcm hampeh kononnya in the management level. So if I am really going, it'll be in December (ahahah cuti ku sudah ku habiskan untuk pi Umrah ni so cannot offset against leave la huhuhuhu, meaning another three miserable months here, If I were to leave lah kan.)

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Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

Senang jer Kalel... cakap ngan company baru tu kalau mereka setuju... mintak mereka bayar untuk 3 bulan gaji sebagai resignation serta merta... dan mintak mereka buat perjanjian ngan Kalel untuk bayar bulanan secara instalment...kira hutang ngan company baru lah... so boleh blah 24 jam notis..

Tapi keadaan lebih baik kalau diorang boleh bagi 50 50 dan lebih baik kalau diorang sanggup bayar penuh...

Itu kalau diorang nak kan kalel urgetly lah.... kalau tak... laksanakan lah 3 bulan notis tu

Syahr-El said...

ahahah actually abg bear i takmo company sekarang ni dpt duit free... takpe la tunggu je la, bukan lama pun 3 bulan tu kan. InsyaALlah.

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