Di Mana Awie? Is He Forgotten Too?

This is the second entry on my 'Find a Missing Child' Campaign.

Asmawi or Awie is another unfortunate child gone missing from nearby his home in March 2008. If Sharlinie's news is becoming history and nearly forgotten, this 11 year old boy's disappearance has not been given enough coverage and attention even from day one of his disappearance.

Do not think about his parents negligence or failure to look after their child but be more concerned with the existence of a pervert proven by the late Nurin Jazlin's case - how could we let another child be tortured to her death?

Maybe because Awie is a boy therefore no one cares much about his missing but he is only 11 and he definitely needs protection regardless of his gender.

Just imagine if this is your child missing - or one of your family members. I couldn't bear the pain when one of darling cats disappeared (Alhamdulillah we found her) what more if the one missing is a human being?

From Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin's Tribute Blog:

"Muhamad Asmawi atau Awie dilaporkan hilang ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari taman permainan berdekatan Flat Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Kerinchi di sini pada petang 9 Mac lalu."

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Kembara Musafir said...

Kalel, selamat menunaikan umrah...!! hope that you have a wonderful journey...

Syahr-El said...

Thanks bro. Harap doakanlah kesejahteraan kami. InsyaAllah.

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