Unit Trust Investment

Yes, even though life may be short for me, I still plan for my future and those I will leave behind. I've been looking for a good unit trust company (basically all are the same but it's a matter of who you can trust with your money - the agent especially) and finally found one and decided to invest right away. Not that I have that much to spare but Alhamdulillah, Allah's rezeki from the part time jobs i've been doing. If in previous years I would spend the money buying stuff and going for vacations this year I have promised myself that I would put aside a little amount (yes, believe me, little) especially for someone's future - the love of my life.

I have heard from a friend that a former colleague who was the HR manager in my current company (she left about 3 years ago to work with MARA) has quit her job and concentrating full time on unit trust management. She must be doing very well. So knowing her personality and knowing that I can indeed trust her with my money I decided to give her a ring on February 28, 2008 and agreed to meet her at Ampang Point McD the coming weekend.

She explained about unit trust and where would my money be put to work. I have actually decided to invest before calling her and filled in the necessary forms. After signing the forms I promised to bank in the cash later that day for my initial investment. I also decided to put in some money from the EPF - so there are basically two accounts, one for EPF investment, the other for cash.

The reason for the two accounts?

The EPF investment, EPF savings and my condo unit at BA would be for my family; my beloved sister and brother, my dad and ka'ngah. The cash investment is meant for KN to start over when I am no longer around. It's a gift for helping me throughout the last years of my life.

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