Restoran AJ - Masakan Melayu Johor

The Entrance

Another eatery we tried recently was the AJ Masakan Melayu Johor located just beside Vistana Hotel near the Pekeliling Bus Station in KL, and thank you to Dr Shah and Beruang Madu (I read their blogs everyday) for their recent review - hmmmm they're such an influence, donno why but I think they lead an interesting life (makan-makan, jalan-jalan all the time hehehehe).

Tempe and Tauhu Goreng with Sambal Kicap

So, we went there after work and as I was badly craving for Laksa Johor - that was what I ordered and yes, a few pieces of Tempe and Tauhu Goreng (ahaha kalau dah ada darah jawa tu kan....) KN on the other hand had the Mee Rebus (looks yummy!)

Well, I definitely can't compare the Laksa Johor, nor the sambal kicap for the tempe and tauhu goreng with Ka'ngah's version but I'll compare the laksa to the one at Laksa Shack. In terms of the condiments I'd say AJ's is better but the gravy at
Laksa Shack is tastier as it is thicker. Sambal belacan wise, I don't favor both as they're a little watery and too stingy on the belacan. However, I would say that the Laksa Johor at AJ tastes so much better overall and much closer to the one my taste buds are used to - Ka'ngah's version, that is.

The Laksa Johor

Something is missing in both AJ's and Laksa Shack's Laksa Johor though, and that, I believe would make the taste yummier if not for the absence of the 'chaipo' or the lobak masin. Like I always say when asked whether the food was OK or otherwise - boleh la.... selagi boleh makan and hilang kejap rasa rindu nak makan something tu... makan je la kan.

The Mee Rebus

The sambal kicap was a little watery, cair as I believe they had used the blender instead of the batu lesung - it would taste much better kalau tumbuk guna batu lesung - but of course, I suppose cooking for a business is different from cooking for the family at home. Sigh...

I don't know about KN's Mee Rebus but see for yourself, it does look yummy, right? (huhu kalau banyak lagi cili hijau tu lagi besh...)

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Nikel Khor said...

look very nice...

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