Cozy Corner Ampang Park

This would be the zillionth time I've eaten at this restaurant popular for its delicious cooking. I've been eating here since I was a kid with mummy especially loving the chicken chop with gravy, fried bee hoon with dried chilli, nasi goreng and their special Hainanese Chicken Rice (usually would be sold out during lunch hour).

While the prices have escalated from the first time I ate there perhaps in the late 80s or early 90s they are still affordable and as delicious. One of my facourite meals that i've been ordering there since my childhood is the Cozy Chicken Chop with gravy.

KN and I had dinner at Cozy again (the second time this month) but this time we both ordered something other than our usual. I had the medium rare NZ Sirloin Steak and KN had the NZ Tenderloin Black Pepper Steak. For drinks, the usual kelapa muda for me and Coke for KN. The food was superb as always but the gravy on mine was a bit salty, tolerable however. The meal consist of a bowl of salad, a bun and the main dish.

Bowl of Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

Bun and Butter

The Medium-rare New Zealand Sirloin Steak

The New Zealand Tenderloin Black Pepper Steak

My Favourite Young Coconut Drink

Cozy I think has 3 outlets now. One in Ampang Park, one in Great Eastern Mall and the latest in PJ. However, the one in Great Eastern Mall is of different management (but the food tastes identically delicious) - from stories I heard, both owners are siblings but decided to go separate ways (with the Ampang Park branch being the first) and decided to open another restaurant in Great Eastern Mall with the same name and the same line of menu. When I was in the Uni they had another outlet in Cheras, I wonder if its still there? Whatever it is, they're Cozy and both serve good food. They deserve an 'A' all the way.

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