Superman Returns Premiere - Midvalley Megamall 270606

I watched Superman Returns on the Premiere night at Midvalley Megamall. Thanks to RHB Credit Cards, and thanks again to my dear love for the tickets. Heheheh.

Upon arrival at GSC Cinema around 7:30pm, the place was already crowded with RHB crews, TV crews awaiting arrival of the VIPs and VVIPs at the red carpet event. We were greeted by friendly RHB staff and were told to be at the hall by 9:00pm.

While waiting for 9:00 we went to Metrojaya to see more Superman toys. Ahahaha I got hooked with some things there but didn't buy - darn my gaji belum masuk!

The security check was very strict. No handphones or no electrical devices allowed. I was expecting Superman Returns door gift but was disappointed as the Premiums were only for contest winners - ahahah what contests? Maybe i spent too much time at the office and were not aware of contests.. contests? My love somehow managed to get me an original Superman Returns poster (that I will frame and hang in my room). I ended up buying the GSC Superman Returns pop corn set just to get me a 3D coaster - OMG! I just remembered I left the pop corn in the microwave 3 days ago!

A piece of Coaster.. that will do.

In Hall 12 (screenings of Superman Returns were in Halls 1 - 13) there were bags filled with a small pop corn and a can of coke - damn i wasted 8 bucks just to get a Superman coaster.. ahahahah padan muka!

To be continued...

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