Adopt a Pet: A Community Project

This is my contribution to help the IPRs in their effort to rescue homeless animals. Please help by adopting and/or donating to assist these noble attempt to rescue and rehome animals.

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Independent Pet Rescuers Malaysia (IPR).

And through our very own initiative called Animals Are Our Angels, we at Rhinowrites Communications and Malaysia's First 365 Days Cat and Dog Calendars are here to help our homeless animals. Personally, we need to consolidate our efforts to help our animals out there in anyway that we can.

Things that we can do:

1. Become a Foster Volunteer.
Help us look for people who can foster the animals that we rescue from the streets. Foster volunteers take these animals into their home, providing a safe environment for them to mature, become more socialized, or heal from an existing wound or illness. This can be an intense short-term commitment, but also a very rewarding one. You have made one step forward to helping us re-home the animal.

2. Adopt a Pet or Pass The Message Around.
Help us by adopting a dog or a cat. Or pass the word around to your friends and families, forward our emails, etc.

3. For as Low as RM 120, sponsor an animal and save their lives.
Sponsor an animal for as low as RM120 a month, that is RM3.70 a day. We can work out an auto debit transaction from your savings account or credit card. You will receive a receipt for this sponsorship programme. The animals will be relocated to a no-kill shelter. That means your money is keeping the animals alive.

4. Help someone neuter a pet.
If you know of anyone that needs money to neuter their animals, help them. Educate them on why they need to do so. If you don't have the means to do it, help raise some funds on your own and you will be surprised how many people will come forward to help. And our DBKL clinic in Setapak is reasonably cheap. Call Mr Krishnan @ 012 258 1041 for more information.

5. Report Abuses.
If you know of your neigbours or people who are neglecting or abusing their pets. Please report them. Don't be afraid. You have to be their voices. The Spca enforcement officer personnel is Sabrina Yeap and her number is 016 631 9018 and Spca number is 4253 5179.

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