Superman Returns Premiere - Midvalley Megamall 270606 - Part 2

The Movie:

Overall, I would rate the movie OK. Some elements of surprise (Superman has an illegitimate son), an exceptional idea of Lex Luthors operating from a ship, Lex's obsession of wanting a land of his own continues from the last Superman movie and many more.

I have to admit, the starting were quite dull, and yes, coming straight from the office, I nearly dozed off right in front of my greatest all time Superhero. I think the movie this time focused too much on Superman's and Lois Lane's emotion - as an all time fan, i prefer the actions to the emotions.

He Looks Better in Figurine Form.

My deepest frustration however, was the actor - Brandon Routh - I don't see why they have chosen this softee to become the 21st century man of steel (He looks good in figurine form though). In my opinion, this guy just looks weak. He does not have the Superman characteristics like Cristhopher Reeves had or even Tom Welling. Dean Cain was never as bad too.

Anyhow, I enjoyed myself at the screening and I am glad that my Superhero has returned. Way to go Superman!

Thanks again sayang for taking me to the Premiere!

p/s: I think the new boots look funny too - seems oversized - is it the boots or Brandon Routh?

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