Welcome Back...

Hiya there guys. Welcome back.
It's been more than a year since i last wrote - more than a year since I last complained. Well, this blog isn't about complaining semata-mata but I guess the time has come to continue writing. If you realize, the name of this blog have changed - to suit the current developments in my life.

I joined CSSB about a year ago. Seven, yes, 7 of us left ICT to be here. That's one hell of a migration. Things here are good except for (hahaha what's new) some sickos who enjoy making our lives miserable. Otherwise, we enjoy the new gang; young, vibrant, full of creative ideas and very outgoing.

Let me introduce Sicko number 1. Her earlier name was Margaret - named after Margaret Tatcher - suka sangat-sangat panggil orang meeting like it's a matter of country security at risk. Macam sehari ada la empat kali meeting. Later she was renamed to MIMI as in the MIMI in the DREW CARREY SHOW. Memang pun - she looks exactly like MIMI minus the make up. Now she is called MOMOK - MIMI + GEMOK!
Ahahaha later-later nanti cerita pasal the other two sickos ya....


p/s: Picture of MIMI BOBECK CAREY (c) Warner Bors. Studios

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