Sicko No 2

Have you watched Chronicles of Narnia? I haven't. But i do know that the White Witch looks like Sicko No. 2.

Sicko No.2 ni best friend Sicko No.1, so faham-faham la kalau dah best freind kan - they listen and trust each other la and never listen to other people. Whatever Sicko No. 1 says will be the headline Sicko No. 2 uses. Dah la Sicko No. 1 tu pun tak tau apa-apa pasal the going-ons in the company - it's just like the blind leading the blind, the poor feeding the poor - ekekeke tercipta peribahasa baru plak!

Sicko No. 2 ni we call her White Witch. Memang padan la la.. muka pun lebih kurang gak... perangai pun macam sama je, kejam. Selalunya WW ni akan muncul masa-masa tertentu je. Not all the time and basically jaga the finances. Kedekutnya memang macam nak mampos. Tapi pasal menghabiskan duit nombor satu ler dia. Whenever she is involved in something habis la, everybody yang tak patut dibayar, gets paid. But when the workers are supposed to be paid, their allowences got slashed.

Tapi apa-apa pun the worse between the two is, and will always be, Sicko No. 1: MIMI

hahahahahah wakakakakaak muahahaahahahaha!

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