Feel free to comment... an email i recieved (with 3 others from the vendor's side) i think mistakenly sent (via reply all) by one of the most quiet and trusted officers from PPK. Duh...

Happy reading.

Subject: Re: FW: FW: FAMILY

how's the definition? still helping u 2 find it. i try 2 ask some friends here 2 help u 2 look out 4 u.

recently very busy. should hav been 2 penang yesterday, but rcv a memo asking 2 attend a meeting 2day (tues) 3pm, so postpone the flight at 8pm. next wk will go sepang again. another wk go somewhere else, haven't got the timetable yet. there're a 3 wk program running simultaneously in 5 regions: north, east, west, south peninsula, & sabah+s'wak. our officers will be 'despatch' in 5 teams, each team constantly moving from 1 region 2 another region. i know i have 1 in kk, but don know which wk. hope 2 c u there if the date is confirm.

the making of teaching courseware here is making me crazy, the vendor who's doing the ICT subject too slow, hav some internal problems in their company too. i ask around ppl, other subjects (total 13) already passed all their storyboard n hav their multimedia 2 chk on. while v r still evaluate the storyboard, v only rcv 1/4 multimedia which has approved yet. tension, tension, tension. even pimples coming out already. weekend cannot work, hav 2 go outside world 2 spend some quality time wif my 2 sis. my younger sis still at subang jaya n the youngest in IMU, studying pharmacy.

ok la.


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