Yellow Cab Pizza Ampang

Yellow Cab Pizza is a new pizzeria nearby Ampang Point. If I am not mistaken there are two Yellow Cab Pizza outlets in KL tapi not sure where's the other one located. KN bought this take away one weekend and the moment I saw the pizza box - alamak! Gelak tak hengat punya... kenapa? Sebab pizza box dia ikat ngan tali rafia! Funnee but unique!

I can't recall the name of this pizza KN bought but I kinda like the taste. What's best - banyak onion slices and olives... yummm yummm!

When it comes to pizza, i like mine with beef. I just think chicken or other flavours doesn't really go well with pizza. Tak ngam la...I wish one day KN would drive me to Yellow Cab for a dine in so that I could know what's available (heheh I haven't tried driving yet - so have to depend on KN to drive me around heheheh kesian dia jadi drebar pulak kan?

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CATZ said...

yellow cab pizza??
menariknyaaa....catz tak pernah dengar...nampak sedap...catz pun sukaaaa bawangg lebihhh....and beef.
sedapnyaa...lapar ku pepagi nih...
dgn piza hut mana sedap??

Syahr-El said...

this one lagi sedap... Kal El tak gemar Pizza Hut - I prefer Dominoes sebab ada thin crust - kedai dia ni kat Ampang Point same row ngan Shakeys.. memang agak tersorok dan papan tanda kedainya pun kecikkkk aja ekekeke

CATZ said...

ye lorr..dominos lagi sedapp..setujuuuu

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