Restoran D'Templer, Taman Melati Utama

Ok KN and I went to this restaurant serving Chinese cuisine in Taman Melati Utama - a few doors to the left from Satay Kajang Haji Samuri. This happened last year before I fell really ill to blog. So kira ni entry hutang la ni ya.

Overall the food there was nice - sedap but a little expensive. The place didn't look posh at all but the price tag phew... but what the heck we went there to eat and furthermore the food was commendable.

I can't remember the name of dish dish but it was something like the sweet and sour chicken dish I use to prepare at home. Sedap.

The above is something like Telur Bungkus but instead of just veges there were beef and it tasted a lot better than most Telur Bungkus I've ordered before. That itself costs RM9 if I remember right.

Mixed Tomyam for two - yup for 2 pax and it was a real big serving. I didn't like the Tom Yam so much as it had seafood in it - so I could enjoy the soup and since I am on dialysis I couldn't sip too much of water.

I had Chinese Tea, kononnya baik la tu hehehe. I like this place and hope to come back now we know the price tag we'll come ready next time.

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