OMG! Err...err....Yucks!


For those who do not understand Malay, the narrator among others said

"Every morning this guy eats 'fresh' cow dunk as he believes it contains nutrients as cows only eat grass..."

Gross man, but it makes sense kan? Cows only eat grass while chicken and fish eat God knows what... but eating it's dunk? Huhuhu perhaps tastes like 'Dunk'in Donuts? Wanna try?

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Kembara Musafir said...

wow....!!!! grossssss....!!! ini part of a new sect ker...? kat mana nih...!! aiyaa... lucky I was not eating/munching anything... kalau tak, sure dah kensel tak makan nyer...

Kal-El said...

ahahaha i'm not sure where this was taken - it was attached in a mail from a friend but the guy looks very Asian to me. I agree, masa I view the video pun kejap2 kejam mata sebab tak tertahan nak tengok eeeeyucks!

Shah said...

Emmmm.... I think I'm gonna turn vegetarian.... :-)

Kal-El said...

the guy eats cow dunk from a cow that is vegetarian.. so does that makes the guy who eats the dunk vegetarian too?

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