The Deaths of Ian Stone

Like many other Fridays, ahahah to tell the truth like many other weekdays even, over favourite pastime is watching movies, either downloaded from the Internet or from pirated DVD we bought (heheheh... naughty eh) Well, sometimes we do go out for movies at the local cinema.

As usual, our own cinema is either the 34 inches projection TV or the 32 inches LCD TV in the bedroom, like people usually say, if you have it flaunt it, if you'e spent that much on gadgets, use it right?

Ok, the movie we watched last night was The Deaths of Ian Stone. This is one of the AFter Dark's 8 movies featured in their 2007 After Dark Horror Fest. We didn't have a clue what teh movie was about at first but knew it was horror, since i'm so much into Horror movies, tak kisah lah, bantai saja...

The Deaths of Ian Stone (yes, deaths - not a typo) is about the Harvester community that live and feed out of human fear and pain. Ian Stone as it turned out to be, is one of the Harvester (only made known somewhere towards the end of the movie) who fell in love with a human being named Jenny. Since Harvesters are immortals, the gang (lead by a female character - I don't know until now whether the female Harvester was Ian's Harvester girlfriend maybe?) is trying to find out the reason why Ian refuses to feed himself and kill the mortals.

So, Ian was reincarnated (not a really suitable word to be used to describe Ian's return into multiple lives) Actually, he was reborn into different lives every day of his life and being killed by the harvester over and over again so that he would finally admit to the reason for refusing to feed on human fear and pain.

Overall, since this is a horror movie and has a gret storyline, I rate it a 9/10 - especially for the gory scene deaths of Ian Stone - am I twisted or what?

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