My Best Friend's Wedding

Eno's wedding was held on December 29th 2007. A simple street wedding held at Subang Jaya, was attended by relatives and friends, old and new. I wouldn't miss this particular wedding as yes, she is my best friend.

We have been friends since 1993 and hell yes, she knows most of my secrets, even the darkest ones hehehe. I am just so pleased that this buddy of mine has finally tied the knot. Well, it is never to late to start a family and I hope the newly weds will be blessed with one soon.

I met a number of old friends from college at Eno's wedding, all came with their family except for Shaz (another best buddy of mine) but being a happy go lucky person he is, having a family of his own is indeed not even in his vocabulary for now. I'm sure, but I know sooner or later his mom would pester him to find a wife or perhaps she already has. Hopefully soon ya Shaz. My prayers for you.

It has been 10 years since we left college and by that, it means, we've known each other for a good 16 years. Well, most of them doesn't look like how they used to 16 years ago, a bunch of 17 year olds - now a bunch of 33 year olds with kids, mind you, KIDS. Well, I'm happy to see my friends happy and enjoying life. Many said they couldn't recognise me for I have slimmed down and not wearing spectacles anymore (thanks to my cataract operation in 2004) Just imagine a 120Kgs teenage boy shrinking down to a 80+Kgs man. But if only they knew why I have lost so much weight throughout these years. If only they knew...

To Eno and hubby Is, have a wonderful married life. May the both of you be blessed with a very happy family. Amin.

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