Email Ibu Goblok - Yey! Pindah Jua Akhirnya!

Bengang la ku cenggini... Ibu goblok tulis email kat team dia je pasal nak pindah. Takde pun kasi tau team aku - apasal kitorang tak perlu pindah ke? - hanjeng la ko ibu goblok!

Ni ha email dia aku tunjuk - Tengok la betapa bodohnya English dia ni.... tsk! Malu plak nak letak email ni dalam blog aku...

Subject: Relocation of **** Team
Importance: High

Dear all,

Please be informed that with effective on (duh) 1st December 2006 all **** team in Klang will be relocate (duh) to our new KL office at Megan Avenue II.

To smoothen the relocation process, I would like to ask for your cooperation to pack only your personal belonging (duh) and had (double duh) it transfered to our new office by Tuesday, 28 November 2006.

For those who stay (arkkk!) in Palm Garden, please also be informed that you must vacant your apartment on (arrrkkk!) 30 November 2006, except for unit B11-14 on 15 November 2006. In the mean time, if you interested (buweeekkk!) to purchase the furniture, please inform me as soon as possible. The followings are price list (wakakakakak!) for the furnitures (wahhhh!!):

- Bunk Bed frame (green) RM 45 (each)
- Single Bed frame (colourfull) RM 40
- Matress RM 40
- Dining table set (black) RM 110
- Dining table set (wood) RM 150
- Wardrobe RM 75
- Curtain - 2 panel RM 15
- 3 panel RM 25
- Pillow FOC (ahahhaah ingat nak jual jugak!)

Please extend this message to all CSSB Klang team. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Damn it la ibu goblok, harap muka cantik, tetek besar tapi English berterabur buat malu kompeni je la... and this is the type of person yang kompeni ni bayar and trust soooo much to become the PM! Tolong la weii...

p/s aku tak tau bagaimana releven gambar tetek kat sebelah ni ngan ibu goblok nye email - but i guess ada gak la relevencenye kat memana tu... untuk Giganstarr, mungkinkah begini rupanya tetek Ibu Goblok?

Bayangkan dan fikirkan lah...

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