Sheila Majid Zoom In @ RTM May 3rd, 2006

We got passes for Sheila Majid's Zoom In at RTM once again. So this is the second time we've got free entrance to a Sheila so called concert - boleh la. After so long not having any huge concerts like she used to, kecil-kecilan pun kira syukur...

The usual people went, KN and I, Shaz, Roy, Shahrina and two of Shahrina's friends came with us. We got to hold a Sheila Majid banner and yep you guessed right, kuar TV punya la muka masing-masing yang berminyak-minyak baru balik dari office.
Overall, as usual, a world class entertainer deserves world class supporters. Memang full house and happening! Macam la tak tau kan Sheila's fans!

Here are some video of the Zoom In. The show will be on air 6 months from now - after raya. - The following video added after Zoom In was aired after raya 2006.

Sheila Sings Warna

Sheila Sings Sinaran

Sheila Sings Malam Ku Bermimpi

Sheila Sings Datanglah Ke Dalam Mimpiku/Kasih/Hasrat Cinta Medley

Sheila Sings Inikah Cinta

Sheila Sings Pengemis Muda

Thanks 5band for these amazing foootage in You Tube

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