Working in an air-conditioned HELL

I guess everyone here knows how it feels not being appreciated. I'm feeling just that here in this air-conditioned 'hell'. I just wonder why some people (especially Miss Piggy) can be so blind not to see what people do for her. Is she so dumb or maybe it is her pathethic lonely life that makes her what she is. I just wish one day she'd come to anyone of us and say a simple 'thank you', very sincerely.

Yesterday, one of the clients called and granted my wishes. At least they listened and appreciated what I've done for them. Well, they even mentioned that that the wishes were granted because THEY trusted ME because of the rapport I've built with them. It's definitely a sad case where outsiders know how to appreciate you but your own kind shuns at you.

Errrr ter emote plak... macamana ek... rasa cam nak cakap lepas je dalam ni tapi 'bahaya' kan...

I'm having all these shenanigans up my throat already. Everyday rasa macam malas sangat nak bangun pagi and admit myself into this hell. Everyday i drag being here, what more having to face Miss Piggy. And everyday I despise working, taking whatever time I can to complete things, putting aside work, do work according to my mood. Coming up with the 100% formulae; 1% work and 99% play.

Everyday i wait for 5:30pm so that I can be home and forget whatever shit happened during the day. The day's events are allways BS!! (Like my next door kambing neighbor would always put it)

Entah lah, sampai bila akan jadi macam ni. I've waited long enough for miracle to happen here but I don't think it ever will. No such word as 'kindness' here. No such miraculous event as a sincere smile here. Everything is just pretentious (even I have become accustomed to that - smile when you see Miss Piggy ) Aren't we all the same? When Piggy's not in, we always jump for joy and be our trueself once again... When Piggy's in, world becomes gloomy and sad. As sad as her pahthethic lonely life as a PIG. Posted by Hello

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